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The 80/20 data fields over a lot of different options and parameters. The most important ones are your personal threshold metrics. You can access the app settings from the Connect app on your phone/tablet or from Garmin Express on your computer.

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Tab the watch label on the upper right of the screen Choose "Activity, Apps and more" Choose "Datafields"

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Choose the installed 80/20 datafield to set up Choose settings .. .. and here we are!

The options and parameter are slightly different for each datafield and depend on the metrics that are specific of each data field. So more details can be found at the data field descriptions. The key setting is the threshold value which is the basis for all the calculations and your training effort. As this is different for each person you must set this up before using the 80/20 data fields otherwise it will not determine your zones correctly. Also you will have to change the values from time to time in case your fitness improves. Depending on which data field you use we have those 3 metrics available:

  • Lactate threshold heartrate (LTHR)
  • Functional threshold pace (FTHP)
  • Functional threshold power (FTP)

The LTHR can be either set manually or it can be automatically taken from your user profile. The other metrics (pace and power) must be always set manually. (Although your Garmin watch or Edge bike computer can measure your FTP, it is not possible at the moment to directly read this value from the ConnectIQ programming API. So whenever you see a message that your FPT has changed you will have to update it here manually.)

Automatic LTHR setup

When you've checked "Use heartrate from user profile" the data field will automatically get your LTHR from your Garmin user profile that is stored in the watch. The manual setting below will not have any effect then! Please note that this will only work correctly in case you've set your heart rate zones in the user profile to use LTHR as well. When you've set zones to be calculated from maximum heartrate or from heartrate reserve this will not work! Also you have to make sure that the LTHR value is shown as the fifth number (=100%) in the heart rate zones table as this is the value we actually use for the 80/20 zone calculation. Unfortunately there is no direct access to the LTHR calculated by the watch, so you've to make sure this number is right there. If you keep everything by default here you should be good to go. To reset the values you can switch to maxHR once and back to LTHR, then the table should be set up as needed.

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Again tab the watch label on the upper right of the screen This time scroll down and choose "User profile"

IMG 7721.PNG IMG 7722.PNG
Choose heartrate setting Make sure the heart rate is based on LTHR and that this value is shown below at fifth place (=100%) in the table

When using the 80/20 Heartrate data field for different sports (i.e. cycling and running) the datafield will automatically use the sport specific LTHR in case you've set separate heart rates for each sport. In case the activity is not explicitly defined the generic value will be used.

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