Adding a data field to your activity

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After installation of the datafield with GARMIN Connect you can add the datafield to your prefered activity. There are different ways to do this, here is how I usually do on my FENIX 5 Plus...

Install 1.JPG Install 2.JPG

Start the activity (here running) by pressing Enter

Install 3.JPG

Push Up (or hold Up to open options and choose "Run Settings"

Install 4.JPG Install 5.JPG

From there choose "Data Screens" and scroll Down to "Add" a new screen (or edit an already existing screen if you like)

Install 6.JPG Install 7.JPG

Now choose "Custom Data" for a custom layout then select 1, 2, 3 data fields how many as you need.

Install 1 field.JPG Install 1 fields.JPG Install 3 fields.JPG

Please note that the 80/20 Zones displays will look different depending on the screen size. Using full screen (1 datafield) will give you a lot of information. If you don't need that information or like to add other data that is crucial for your training you can add more field. In this case the information of my 80/20 datafield wil lbe reduced. When using a lot of datafields (3 or more) usually you will only see the label of the current training zone you're in at the moment. Of course this will have no effect on the data that is recorded in the background. You will see all the training data on the Connect plattform later!)

Install 8.JPG Install 9.JPG

Now choose the content for each field (select field with Up/Down and Enter). Choose "ConnectIQ" fields as this is what my 80/20 data fields actually are. Finally choose the data field you like to show. I use the 80/20 Run Zones datafield here.

Note that most devices are limited to show a given number of "ConnectIQ" fields. Here in the example the FENIX 5 Plus can only use two ConnectIQ data fields in one activity. You can install as many datafields as you like on the watch but only you can use 2 of them for each activity.

Install 10.JPG

And there it is. Now close the screen editor by pushing Back several times and start your run...