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This is my Wiki site with instructions for Garmin apps and datafields I have created as personal fun projects. Please note that I'm not affiliated to Garmin, 80/20 Endurance or other companies mentioned on this website. For further assistance please contact!

My apps are for free, but if you like to support my work, feel free to donate to

Thank You and keep on training!!

80/20 Endurance data fields

Creating the 80/20 datafields was inspired by the "80/20 Training System" invented by D. Warden and M. Fitzgerald ( My datafields give visual feedback about the current training zone you are at the moment and give you a summary about your 80/20 workout. This helps to plan and train more effectively and you don't have to tinker with the preset training zones of your GARMIN watch.

8020enduranceH RGB 500px.png

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